Mohammad Khansari

Department of Network Science and Technology, Faculty of New Sciences and Technologies,
University of Tehran

ITRC Research Activities on Big Data and Cloud Computing

ICT Research Institute or Iran Telecommunication Research Center (ITRC) is the first ranked Iranian research entity in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT), with 47 years of scientific experience in research.

ITRC’s primary goal is to pursue high-impact research excellence and, through application of this research, to create national benefit for the country. ITRC has been making its immense effort to provide Iran a remarkable growth in the field of ICT industry.

ITRC consists of four following research faculties: Information Technology (IT), Communication Technology (CT), ICT Security, and ICT Policy and Strategic Studies. These faculties are responsible for executing research projects on different main research areas, which include Big Data, IoT, Cloud Computing, Search Engine, 5G, USO, SDN and High Capacity Radio. Big Data and Cloud Computing are two research areas in ITRC, related to the TopHPC focus topics. In this speech, we will first introduce briefly ITRC and its main research areas, and then will focus on its past, present and future research activates on Big Data and Cloud Computing.

Mohammad Khansari received his B.S, M.S and PhD degrees in Computer Engineering all from Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, in 1996, 1998 and 2008, respectively.

He is one of the contributors of the Advanced Information and Communication Technology research Center (AICTC) of Sharif University, and the director of Iran Free/Open Source (FOSS) national project (formerly Persian Linux) in AICTC for four years of running the project. He had a short-time research fellowship from DAAD, Germany at IPSI-Fraunhofer research institute. He has given more than sixty invited talks on FOSS and GNU/Linux localization topics in Iran and International conferences such as UNCTAD FOSS Expert meeting 2004, United Nation WSIS 2005 (Tunisia) and FLOSSWorld 2005 (India), LinuxAsia 2007 and IOSN summit (hosted by UNDP in India) and LinuxTag 2007 (Germany).

He is the co-author of four books in Free/Open Source Software topics and has more than sixty papers in reputable international journals and conferences. His main research interests are network science and complex networks, wireless multimedia/health sensor networks, health care Information systems and Free/Open Source Software (FOSS).

He served as faculty member and assistant professor at School of Science and Engineering, Sharif International campus, Kish Island, head of Information Technology faculty and faculty member of Iran Telecommunication Research Center and director of IT and Cyberspace Center of University of Tehran. Currently, He is the faculty member of Faculty of New Sciences and Technologies, University of Tehran and director of ICT Research Institute (Iran Telecommunication Research Center).