Manoj Devare

Amity Institute of Information Technology (AIIT ),
Amity University

Analysis and Design of IoT based Physical Location Monitoring System

The first part of the presentation will address the recent wireless and telecom technologies that encouraging the Internet of Things (IoT), M2M, CPS, & Web of Things(WoT). The discussion will be extended to analysis of various hardware, micro controllers, Single Board Computers (SBC), sensors and actuators for IoT applications.

The second part of the presentation will address the Analysis and Design of f IoT based physical location monitoring system, which is extended with machine learning support for the predictive analytics, with respect to the context of the application. The model can be applicable for any application like security of the office location, health care centers, home automations, security lockers, industrial process automation and many more.

The experiences of preparation of the Raspberry Pi SBC for IoT based applications, connecting sensors, accepting readings from the sensors, and sending the data on the AWS IOT Cloud for the further processing will be explored. The subscription and publication of MQTT messages, data notification through the email, SMS, storing in the AWS DynamoDB, AWS SNS, and predictive analytics will be discussed. The important protocols necessary for the secure connection of the IoT devices with the Cloud System used in this application like X.509, security certificates, and related aspects will be the part of the presentation.

Moreover, the visualization and analytics of the IoT sensor data with the use of the web server based portal, and android app development part will be discussed.