Shahin Rouhani

Department of Physics,
Sharif University of Technology,

​Big Data Analytics and City Management

The emergence of new technologies such as Big Data Analytics (BDA) and Internet of Things (IoT), have created a new paradigm in city planning and management. In this article we will approach the following questions. First what is the state of the art in application of these technologies in Iran and the world. Second, what are the benefits and costs of BDA and IoT. Third, what are the cultural impacts of these new technological projects in Iranian cities. On the other hand, the foreboding specter of global warming has posed a new question regarding the resilience of cities and communities across the world facing natural calamities. In the context of the present article one can ask what the impact of modern technology on community resilience is. A relevant recent crisis is caused by the dust storms in the south of Iran. We discuss the impact of these technologies and how can one improve the resilience of these communities facing recurring dust storms and drought. ​