Vladimir Voevodin

Deputy Director for Research, Research Computing Center, Lomonosov Moscow State University

Head of the Department on Supercomputers and Quantum Informatics, Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics Faculty, MSU.

Building Up Reasonable Parallel Computing World

The computing world is changing rapidly. All devices – from mobile phones and personal computers to high-performance supercomputers – are becoming parallel. The huge capacity of modern supercomputers allows complex problems, previously thought impossible, to be solved. Performance of the best supercomputers in the world is measured in Petaflops providing unprecedentedly powerful instruments for research. At the same time, the efficient usage of all opportunities offered by modern computing systems represents a global challenge and requires new knowledge, skills and abilities, where one of the main roles belongs to understanding of key properties of parallel algorithms. The talk will address the urgent need for theoretical and practical technologies of an accurate and concerted design of high performance computing systems, highly parallel algorithms, and extreme scaled applications to be able to solve large problems using the current and prospective generations of high performance computing systems. The most essential concept behind these technologies is co-design which is a very close partnership or interrelationship between all the layers involved in the process of solving these problems on high performance computing systems: mathematical methods, algorithms, applications, programming technologies, runtime systems, layers of system software and hardware. The notion of co-design is so important for HPC that the following thesis is definitely true: “No efficient co-design technologies, no reasonable exascale in the future”.br

Vladimir Voevodin is Deputy Director of the Research Computing Center at Lomonosov Moscow State University. He is Head of the Department “Supercomputers and Quantum Informatics” at the Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics Faculty of MSU, professor, corresponding member of Russian academy of sciences. Vl. Voevodin specializes in parallel computing, supercomputing, extreme computing, program tuning and optimization, fine structure of algorithms and programs, parallel programming technologies, scalability and efficiency of supercomputers and applications, supercomputing co-design technologies, software tools for parallel computers, and supercomputing education. His research, experience and knowledge became a basis for the supercomputing center of Moscow State University, which was founded in 1999 and is currently the largest supercomputing center in Russia. He has contributed to the design and implementation of the following tools, software packages, systems and online resources: V- Ray, X-Com, AGORA, Parallel.ru, hpc-education.ru, hpc-russia.ru, LINEAL, Sigma, Top50, OctoShell, Octotron, AlgoWiki. He has published 90 scientific papers with 4 books among them. Vl.Voevodin is one of the founders of Supercomputing Consortium of Russian Universities established in 2008, which currently comprises more than 60 members. He is a leader of the major national activities on Supercomputing Education in Russia and General Chair of the two largest Russian supercomputing conferences.